Tips To Reinvent Your Fashion

Earlier this month I was looking for something to wear to one of my friend’s party. It was then I realized that I had nothing very new to wear apart from the old classic pieces of clothing. It happens with every man that at one point you get bored of your own style because there’s nothing new about it and everything gets too monotonous. The trend keeps changing and it is you who needs to change with time. Today it’s all about slim fit suits, chino trousers, Suede footwear or Derbies, fashionable men’s underwear and much more.

Whether you are looking for styling tips or something that reinvents your fashion quotient, the tips mentioned below would help you as a guide to do the same.

1. Layering is a healthy habit: The moment we say “a healthy habit”, you must actually start to incorporate it into every clothing article. Whether it is jeans, trousers, formals shirts, tees and more. Layering your clothes with blazers or bomber jacket or even waistcoats are a great addition to the fashion quotient. So, you can team up your clothes according to the occasion of your looking forward to. Just do the combinations well and you won’t regret it.

2. Always trust the basic tees: You all know that the fashion trends keep changing from time to time and so does your clothing pieces. However, whatever be the trend or style going on at that particular moment, you can always trust your basic tees. Whether it is your monochromatic black/white tee or something colorful like navy to go well with anything. They are important to have for they are masculine, classic and a must-have for every man. You just have to make sure that it fits you well

3. Tailored fit is what you must follow like a religion: You must have heard and read a lot about why tailored fit is a must in today’s time. Well, just imagine the time when you were young and wore your dad’s clothes. People said you are cute and then moved on. Just face the fact that you’re not a kid anymore and you shouldn’t wear such clothes. On the other hand, it has been noticed that men have taken the word “slim fit” way too literally and have been killing themselves out of suffocation. However, a perfect tailored fit is nothing about the loose and the tight, it is about fitting your body in a way that it complements rather than looks like a baggage on you.

4. Style up your jeans: Denim jeans has been a part of clothing for a very long time and have been providing men with the stylish appeal. Sometimes, it surely crosses our minds that what would happen if we could do something different with our jeans that would, in turn, bring some good to your style quotient. Well, there’s a solution to this. You can style up your jeans by wearing the right accessories with it. Accessories, in this case, would refer to the kind of shirt or t-shirt you wear, ties, overcoats, jackets, footwear and the actual accessories. With all the right things assembled together, you’re sure to experience different looks every time you wear the same pair of jeans.

5. Say goodbye to socks: You might say that wearing socks have always been a tradition and also is functional talking about the durability of the shoe fabric. Well, you are absolutely correct but just like the times, the styles statement and the fabrics have changed. Now is the time to show off your ankle by saying goodbye to your socks and slipping in the variety of footwear styles that go well with your looks. This in return would get all the attention where you desire it to be.

6. Wear clean men’s underwear: The underneath fashion calls for a lot of importance than men actually consider giving them. When you keep the basics clean and tidy, the overall personality looks fresh as a daisy. A clean pair of men’s underwear whether it is men’s brief underwear or boxer briefs or even sexy revealing styles, it matters a lot. Make sure you start the basics clean and get other clothing articles right for the correct style quotient.