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Other Fashionable Men’s Clothing

Perception of clothes has been known to be different between men and women. Guys would think of clothing as something to be for function only but for women, they are something to express their style and personality. This is why you will find a lot of women’s clothes with enhanced fashion style these days.

But as the years go by, you will notice how guys are starting to be fashionable. You will see that more fashionable clothes are created by popular designers like Armani and brands like Van Heusen and Arrow. The clothes they offer can also range from casual to formal clothing. The good news is that even wholesale clothing suppliers are focusing on not only in making women’s clothes but also in manufacturing nice clothing for men.

Aside from the regular polo, shirts, and bottom wear, you will find a lot of other clothing type in the market. Most of the time, you will spot them by just researching online as there are many manufacturers that solely focus in making men’s clothing. The following are the types of clothes that men can buy from different wholesale suppliers.


If you are not from the Latin America area, you may not have an idea what this type of clothing is. Typically, they are shirts but they have different in pattern. Guayabera has two pockets in front while as well as having pleats as patterns on both sides of the clothing. This type of shirt is also known as Mexican Wedding Shirt since many Latinos use this polo for this type of event.


You will find a lot of guys who are into preppy style of clothing. If you are not familiar with this style, this is where the wearer would bring several pieces of clothing together like polo, cardigan, and tie. Aside from the preppy fashion, you will also see a lot of guys who just want to wear cardigan especially when the season is too cold for them. These cardigans and vests are usually included in knitwear since they are knitted clothing that they can use for their daily fashion. This will help them not only obtain their own fashion style but also keep them protected from cold temperature.


Coming from the term itself, these are the wholesale clothing accessories that guys can wear on their neck areas. The most common type of neckwear is tie and they come in different designs that will be suitable for formal events and even casual clothing. But aside from ties, you will also find a lot of guys who will buy mufflers and make it work for them as ties especially during cold season. These mufflers can keep them warm yet give them more masculine look for fashion.

Men’s Wholesale Fashion

There is a saying that ‘diamond are girls best friend’ but this may not hold true today as even men are not lagging far behind when it comes to flaunting and appreciating fashion jewelry! Fashion accessories of men consist of pieces such as bracelets, earrings, skull pendants, diamond rings and more. A person need to know about these ornaments, in case of giving it as a gift or may be for opening a wholesale store of these jewels.

In case one is interested in opening a store then certain factors needs to be considered. For finding out quality wholesale fashion men’s jewelry an individual needs to be aware of the current fashion trends and culture. Almost all these accessories are imported from different foreign countries and so a supplier who gains his collection from abroad can work as a merchant for an individual also as with different variety of items and reasonable cost one can offer customers more choices relating to current trends and fashion.

A genuine fashion jeweler always has classic pieces along with contemporary pieces. Another thing that can be considered is that the trader has abundance of stock available at all times so that not much time is involved in delivering these items to the client. On the other hand if one wants to be an online supplier for these ornaments then a good knowledge about companies who ship these articles on the same day or may be next day needs to be incorporated. However, for a person looking for these jewels, certain tips can be followed.

Search for a Jewelry Trend Spotter

As a layman, a good and affordable trinkets store can work as it can offer a wide range of array of items that reflects current trends and designs. Fine filigree can be founded in these stores apart from chunky necklaces and bracelets.

Go for Classic Way

Although there are different varieties of fashionable jewelry items, but a classic jewel can also work wonders. These accessories include sterling silver, cubic zircon, Swarovski crystal and other jewels made up of semi precious stones and gems.

Imported Ornaments

Imported market is called as the king of wholesale charms as almost 90% of fashion accessories are imported. Therefore a jeweler who has a collection from the entire globe can be approached for finding the best item at reasonable price. A supplier having more sources will be of more benefit than any other one.

Considering Breadth and Depth

A main point of consideration to be note while shopping for wholesale jewelry for men like ear rings, bracelets, and pendant is regarding the price attached with these items as it is difficult to know about the correct price of these accessories. So to begin a jewelry from an online supplier can be purchased so that there will be at least some idea about its price. Finally one of the finest ways is to look for testimonials and contracts of supplier so as to get correct information about the product he is selling.

A Look at The History of Mens

Your roots are your heritage and everyone has a heritage. One thing that is incredibly interesting to do is to trace back your family history as far back as you can. Then find as much about the clothing that the men wore in your family in the past days, and incorporate some of the historical fashion sense in your modern wardrobe. You can wear a small pieces of traditional style wear from the country of your heritage that you have recreated.

There are plenty of choices from say two or three hundred years back which could be a hat, a shirt, a jacket, or some type of jewelry or accessories. This makes a wonderful conversation piece at a party. There are many distinct ethnic groups but only five major continents, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. If you can trace your family history back to any of these places, especially to the native people living there you will find some interesting clothes from times past. It is also interesting to note how many of the ancient traditional clothes have made into modern fashion and still are influential.

Taking the continents in alphabetical order, let’s first look at Africa. An example is Malian cloth which is a fabric called Bògòlanfini. It is very distinctive. It is orange color with a pattern on it that is white and dark brown. Traditionally the men of the tribe wove the material and the women dyed the fabric with different patterns. The material has already made its ways into modern fashion so you are capable of finding a shirt made of it.

Certainly you can find the fabric material and have a shirt made from it. In North America, many of the traditional native wear has made its way into modern fashion such as Indian turquoise jewelry, mukluks (thick boots), moccasins, beaded jackets and beaded shirts. In South America, the poncho is a piece of clothing that made it into modern fashion. Men and women alike, wear updated modern versions of the poncho. In Asia, one of the traditional men’s wear is the happi coat, which is like a thin cotton jacket and can also be a vest, and in China they believe the color red can bring prosperity. In Japan, there is a traditional of giving the gift of a happi coat to a man in celebration of his birthday and the colors are different depending on the age of the man.

In Europe there are as many traditional styles as there are countries. One of our favorites is the Bavarian style hat. Another ancient trend that is very strong and still going is the plaid fabric which originated to identify the clans in Scotland but is not used ubiquitously around the world. From Oceania we get the tattoo which is a Maori tradition from New Zealand, plus all the interesting forms of Polynesian dress.

Tips To Reinvent Your Fashion

Earlier this month I was looking for something to wear to one of my friend’s party. It was then I realized that I had nothing very new to wear apart from the old classic pieces of clothing. It happens with every man that at one point you get bored of your own style because there’s nothing new about it and everything gets too monotonous. The trend keeps changing and it is you who needs to change with time. Today it’s all about slim fit suits, chino trousers, Suede footwear or Derbies, fashionable men’s underwear and much more.

Whether you are looking for styling tips or something that reinvents your fashion quotient, the tips mentioned below would help you as a guide to do the same.

1. Layering is a healthy habit: The moment we say “a healthy habit”, you must actually start to incorporate it into every clothing article. Whether it is jeans, trousers, formals shirts, tees and more. Layering your clothes with blazers or bomber jacket or even waistcoats are a great addition to the fashion quotient. So, you can team up your clothes according to the occasion of your looking forward to. Just do the combinations well and you won’t regret it.

2. Always trust the basic tees: You all know that the fashion trends keep changing from time to time and so does your clothing pieces. However, whatever be the trend or style going on at that particular moment, you can always trust your basic tees. Whether it is your monochromatic black/white tee or something colorful like navy to go well with anything. They are important to have for they are masculine, classic and a must-have for every man. You just have to make sure that it fits you well

3. Tailored fit is what you must follow like a religion: You must have heard and read a lot about why tailored fit is a must in today’s time. Well, just imagine the time when you were young and wore your dad’s clothes. People said you are cute and then moved on. Just face the fact that you’re not a kid anymore and you shouldn’t wear such clothes. On the other hand, it has been noticed that men have taken the word “slim fit” way too literally and have been killing themselves out of suffocation. However, a perfect tailored fit is nothing about the loose and the tight, it is about fitting your body in a way that it complements rather than looks like a baggage on you.

4. Style up your jeans: Denim jeans has been a part of clothing for a very long time and have been providing men with the stylish appeal. Sometimes, it surely crosses our minds that what would happen if we could do something different with our jeans that would, in turn, bring some good to your style quotient. Well, there’s a solution to this. You can style up your jeans by wearing the right accessories with it. Accessories, in this case, would refer to the kind of shirt or t-shirt you wear, ties, overcoats, jackets, footwear and the actual accessories. With all the right things assembled together, you’re sure to experience different looks every time you wear the same pair of jeans.

5. Say goodbye to socks: You might say that wearing socks have always been a tradition and also is functional talking about the durability of the shoe fabric. Well, you are absolutely correct but just like the times, the styles statement and the fabrics have changed. Now is the time to show off your ankle by saying goodbye to your socks and slipping in the variety of footwear styles that go well with your looks. This in return would get all the attention where you desire it to be.

6. Wear clean men’s underwear: The underneath fashion calls for a lot of importance than men actually consider giving them. When you keep the basics clean and tidy, the overall personality looks fresh as a daisy. A clean pair of men’s underwear whether it is men’s brief underwear or boxer briefs or even sexy revealing styles, it matters a lot. Make sure you start the basics clean and get other clothing articles right for the correct style quotient.

Top Fashion Resolutions

The world of men’s fashion is frequently changing; from what’s hot to what’s not, there is always a constant amount of effort facing every man who strives to be stylish and on the money. Fashion is never an easy game which is why, for every man who spends time and effort keeping up to date with the latest trends; there are ten more that simply do not have the energy.

For those who rarely pay attention to the ever-changing world of fashion, deciding on an outfit for work or for a special occasion usually involves grabbing the first thing you see but why not shake things up and try to make a little more effort?

Whether you want to believe it or not, as a man you will often be judged by the clothes you wear and evidently your ability to look fashionable. Men are no longer the brooding species who can get away with any old thing and call it the look of a “man’s man”, they must now make more effort and attempt to keep up with the right image.

Try not to worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go and grab the latest issue of GQ and shop for a complete new wardrobe but there are a few things you can keep an eye on that could make the world of difference…

  • Shoes- The right pair of shoes can make a man – it really is that simple which is why one of the best things you can do for your image is to invest in at least one quality pair of footwear. A good quality pair of shoes should be an essential for any mans wardrobe. Whether it is for work or for special events; one decent pair of quality leather shoes will be the best investment you make.
  • Smarten Your Look- The dapper gentleman is the one who will get noticed for all the right reasons so make the effort to smarten up your image. Invest in shirts and suits that are tailored to your body type and fit perfectly and don’t chose baggy clothing no matter what your style. Also consider what you are wearing and how; jeans and shirts with a tailored jacket are a great look for the weekend but have a look at what is available as you would be surprised how good you could look.
  • Signature- Investing in a signature piece is a fantastic way to add a little class and personality to your wardrobe. From a quality leather jacket, to a trench coat, jumper, shoes or a watch; something that defines you and your fashion personality while telling a story is a great way to inject some real class into your wardrobe.

Fashion might seem difficult and often even a complete pain to keep up with but the time has now come for us all to invest a little attention to our wardrobes. Whether you have the time and patience or not, changing your image for the better only requires a few tweaks here and there so why not do just that? You could be surprised as to just how good you can look.

Men’s Fashionable Footwear

In a world where everyone pays a lot of attention to one’s appearance, not only for women but also for men, a stylish flattering look can play a vital role in their social life. In this aspect, men may have more problems than women in terms of how to present the most fashionable styles. After all, women are born having the obsession with beauty and they always have endless options of fashion accessories, while men may react slowly to the fashion trend. Here I’d like to talk about the fashionable men’s footwear, loafers which can greatly upgrade a man’s style in many ways.

Unlike women who would rather suffer the pains caused by high heels than choosing other kinds of comfortable footwear, men often put the comfort as the priority when selecting a pair of shoes. However, in spite of the comfort, the fashion style is also very essential for today’s men. To embrace both of the features, loafers must be the top choice. Moreover, this kind of slip-on shoes is becoming more and more popular in men’s fashion world.

A fashion conscious man must have more than one pair of loafers and he can list a lot of advantages wearing this kind of shoes. First of all, one can wear such shoes for both formal and casual occasions. You can just wear them for work and for after work gatherings with friends directly. Besides, loafers can work well with many different styles of clothes. No matter it is casual jeans or formal suits, you will look great presenting different styles with a pair of loafers. There are also many variations of such shoes, such as lace-up styles and boot styles. Sometimes, you can also find that there are some embellishments attached in details.

Elements of the Fashionable Man

Look for these four elements in the men’s fashion and you will turn heads when you enter a room, lift eyebrows in the interview process and land in the winner circle both personally and professionally.

1. Fresh and Fit

Men’s fashions have changed considerably over the years. While jeans and khakis are a staple, the blue suit is a necessity and a few crisp white shirts the backbone of a fashionable man. You can update your wardrobe with a fine merino wool black turtleneck; a sharp detailed designer belt and new shoes. Attention to a few small details can lead a man of any age to a fresh new fashionable look. Purchase your trousers just a little loose at the waist; please do not try to buy the smallest size you can fit into. Do up your belt just a little looser, so that your trousers sit a little lower on the hip.

2. Fit and Fresh

A fit man looks far more fashionable then one who does not take care of himself. He exudes an aura of confidence and nonchalance, this man can get away with more fashion eccentricities in men’s fashions then the man who is carrying an extra 25lbs or more. Fragrance can also be a clear men’s fashion statement. The way that you smell can be dated pretty quickly. Fragrances go off, if you have had yours for more than a year. Dump it and buy new. Not in the budget this week? Go to the men’s fragrance counter, chat up the guy or girl behind the counter and take home a few samples. Do this until you find the sent that is best for you and you have the budget to purchase or put it on your birthday/holiday list.

3. The Right locks.

Men’s fashion hairstyle is another important element of personal style. Look through Hollywood movie star rags or websites and find a look that might work for your face, age and amount of hair remaining. Remember, bald is sexy; thinning long combed over hair is not! Try out one of the online programs that show men’s fshion hairstyles and put in your picture to try out different styles and colours. Better yet, find a great barber or hairdresser and listen to his advice about hair length, colour and style that will best suit you and your career.

4. The Hand Shake

The very fashionable man has manicured nails (both hands and feet), and with the latest in facial grooming a clean-shaven or well kept beard. If you are going for the 5o’clock shadow, everything else must be impeccable, clean white shirt, untucked, designer jeans, the right length jacket, Italian leather shoes and a simple silver thumb ring. Men’s fashion dictates that nails be short, clean and well cared for. Get a nail file and a buff, or if you can’t get yourself to a manicurist take a look at websites that will give you direction and photos of how they should look.

Tips in Seeking For Trendy and Fashionable

Are you seeking for trendy and fashionable wholesale men’s clothing suppliers? If yes then the best thing that you should do is to be a member of Salehoo wholesale directory which could provide a list of reputable and dependable wholesale suppliers. The good thing about this wholesale directory is that it can provide you with the up to date information about the suppliers that are included in their list. Therefore, you can be very sure that the products you can acquire from these suppliers and in with the latest fashion and trends.

Men are believed to be not so conscious about the clothes that they wear, but this belief is not yet proven. Maybe men are not like women who are very vocal when it comes to what they look like with their clothes but it do not mean that they are not that conscious. This is also the reason why there are few people who choose to have men’s clothes as the products for their wholesale clothing business. However, if you think you have the passion in choosing men’s clothes then it could be the perfect product for you to vend. After all, men are more generous in purchasing things than women.

With salehoo, you can seek for a supplier that can supply you with very fascinating styles of men’s clothing that varies from sporty designs to set of business suits. It is fairly true that it is harder to choose designs and styles for men’s clothes; it could even be boring to some because typically the designs of men’s clothes are very plain and simple. But if you don not know yet, simple designs and cut are what exactly most men seek for. Compared to women, men always seek for very simple attire that can make them look plain but elegant.

With these tips, surely you could find the best supplier in Salehoo as well as you can also find the best wholesale drop shipper that can efficiently deliver your products to your purchasers. This way you could be very certain to gain success in your online wholesale clothing business endeavor.

World of Fashionable

Fashionable and convenient mens Wallets are now considered as the indispensable part of mens life; as it enables you to carry cash money, IDs, and plastic currency etc…safely in your day to day life. Mens wallets are now status symbol accessories for men therefore trendy and stylish wallets are in more demand.

The demand of designer mens wallets soaring high in the market, therefore a wide variety of branded designer wallets are more offering by manufacturers. On the other hand no matters how many fashion come and go, leather wallets always remain in demand. They are well-known for their durability and timeless classic.

One would easily find the type of wallet suits his personality, as plenty of stylish wallets are available in the market. The most accepted and regularly preferred wallets are bi-fold wallets (designed with two separate compartments). They are lengthy in size, therefore quite comfortable to keep cash and cards separately. Those who want to keep their critical data separately in the same wallet along with cash and cards can go for tri-fold wallets (three separate compartments), in which they would be able to keep their data in a separate compartment.

People are more interested in keeping cards with them, as they do not want to carry much paper currency, this is why the credit card wallets are becoming more popular all across the globe. Like wallets fashionable and trendy credit card wallets are also available for the customers. Credit card wallets are available in different slots which enable you to select the type of wallet you required.

There are plenty of stores available from where you can buy your favorite men wallet, but you would be able to enjoy heavy discount from online stores only. There are many virtual stores available that are offering heavy discounts for wholesale as well as for single product. People are more diverting towards online stores, as it is very convenient and easy to buy men’s wallets through a good reputed websites. A good website always enables you to interact with their representative in order to provide the quality product that you are looking for.

A Name Fashionable Men Can Trust

When it comes to basic fashion apparel and formal wear, British men know what name to trust. TM Lewin is so far one of the most popular traditional makers of gentlemen’s shirt in the United Kingdom. In the past century of its existence, the fashion house has successfully innovated and produced men’s shirts and accessories. Many of the fashion trends started by the company are still very much rampant and visible today.

But just like British men’s eye for fashion, the name’s history can be traced back to the past centuries. The company was started when designer Thomas Mayes Lewin put up his very first shop in 1898 in the historical Jermyn Street, in St. James’s, London. From the very beginning, the name has been synonymous to fashion innovations. The ‘coat shirt’ was initially designed and marketed by the company. From then on, shirts with buttons placed down the front have been in vogue.

Because of its long history, TM Lewin has been one of the few fashion brands that stayed on and existed even during the difficult times of the two major World Wars of the past. It was during those times that TM Lewin flourished to become a major and long-term supplier of men’s apparel for the British Army, the Royal Air Force and even the sporting community.

Being a business entity, TM Lewin became resilient as the need to adjust to the changing business environment ensued. In 1979, the company was acquired by the McKenna family. Highly competent and high-profile directors and executives have been employed since then to help the company get through the times.

Since TM Lewin has also been exposed to the natural transactions on mergers and acquisitions, such asset purchasing schemes have been part of the company’s drive to further empower itself. In 1983, the firm bought Asquith Brown, another fashion house owned by designer John Francomb, who eventually was named a part of the TM Lewin team management. The 1980s was characterized by TM Lewin’s organic and exponential growth.

The 1990s saw TM Lewin further grow into a fashion store offering not just apparel for men. Women’s lines of clothes were also introduced by the brand. At the same time, store expension efforts advanced along with the widening of the store’s product portfolio.

Fast forward to the present day. TM Lewin is now actively operating with about 46 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since 2003, the company has also aggressively started its online operations to cater to a greater number of customers, probably not just within its home market.