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Men are no longer shy to experiment. Nowadays they try everything that was considered taboo for men even a couple of years back. From manicure to pedicure to even parlor waxing, the man of today will try everything to make him look presentable and smart. So obviously jewelry cannot be much far behind. A range of jewelry especially designed for men are now available in the market and designers often have an entire line dedicated to men’s jewelry. They are made from gold and silver and are often encrusted with swarovski crystals or other precious stones. Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend cannot hold on to the statement for much long, because men too are showing an increasing amount of interest in diamond encrusted jewelry items.

  • Men’s Jewelry: It obviously goes without saying that a man’s piece of jewelry is vastly different from woman’s jewelry. They are obviously not so ornamented or ornate or heavy and definitely do not have floral motifs. Men’s jewelry is specially designed in sleek and chic styles, something to add to his manly appeal. Thus for those who thought that jewelry deprives a man of his manly appeal, think again. In fact, in the olden ages it was the men who used to adorn themselves with jewelry more than women. It should also be remembered that traditional men’s clothing accessories like tie pins and cufflinks are also categorized today as men’s jewelry as they too are given an ornate and classy look. Other men’s jewelry items are rings and chains along with bold wristlets.
  • Designers: All the major designers all around the world design men’s fashion jewelry like Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Versace or Cavalli. Dolce and Gabbana especially has some uniquely designed coral necklaces. Bold and chunky, they are available in gold and silver with coral embellishments. The centre of attraction of these necklaces is the bold pendants. Engraved with the well known D&G, they will stand out in any gathering, making the wearer the centre of attraction. For the more adventurous, pendants are available in the shape of handcuffs. Armani, on the other hand, has some uniquely designed bracelets in gold and silver and they are very affordable compared to the other items of the brand, making the pieces more irresistible to the men. The pendants are designed in the shape of daggers or nails and even the traditional crucifix has been innovatively used for the God fearing man.