A Name Fashionable Men Can Trust

When it comes to basic fashion apparel and formal wear, British men know what name to trust. TM Lewin is so far one of the most popular traditional makers of gentlemen’s shirt in the United Kingdom. In the past century of its existence, the fashion house has successfully innovated and produced men’s shirts and accessories. Many of the fashion trends started by the company are still very much rampant and visible today.

But just like British men’s eye for fashion, the name’s history can be traced back to the past centuries. The company was started when designer Thomas Mayes Lewin put up his very first shop in 1898 in the historical Jermyn Street, in St. James’s, London. From the very beginning, the name has been synonymous to fashion innovations. The ‘coat shirt’ was initially designed and marketed by the company. From then on, shirts with buttons placed down the front have been in vogue.

Because of its long history, TM Lewin has been one of the few fashion brands that stayed on and existed even during the difficult times of the two major World Wars of the past. It was during those times that TM Lewin flourished to become a major and long-term supplier of men’s apparel for the British Army, the Royal Air Force and even the sporting community.

Being a business entity, TM Lewin became resilient as the need to adjust to the changing business environment ensued. In 1979, the company was acquired by the McKenna family. Highly competent and high-profile directors and executives have been employed since then to help the company get through the times.

Since TM Lewin has also been exposed to the natural transactions on mergers and acquisitions, such asset purchasing schemes have been part of the company’s drive to further empower itself. In 1983, the firm bought Asquith Brown, another fashion house owned by designer John Francomb, who eventually was named a part of the TM Lewin team management. The 1980s was characterized by TM Lewin’s organic and exponential growth.

The 1990s saw TM Lewin further grow into a fashion store offering not just apparel for men. Women’s lines of clothes were also introduced by the brand. At the same time, store expension efforts advanced along with the widening of the store’s product portfolio.

Fast forward to the present day. TM Lewin is now actively operating with about 46 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since 2003, the company has also aggressively started its online operations to cater to a greater number of customers, probably not just within its home market.